Commerical Flooring by InterfaceFLOR

A global leader in the manufacturing of environmentally friendly modular carpet and luxury vinyl tiles, Interface® provides design, production and sales to residential, commercial and institutional markets.

Founded 50 years ago by Dutch business Heuga, which is now part of InterfaceFLOR, it all began with the creation of the very first carpet tile. Since, Interface® has broken the mold with ingenious, award-winning designs alongside revolutionary technological advancements and cutting-edge environmental awareness. Their products are designed for use in a wide range of commercial environments, from retail to government, corporate, education, healthcare and more. Pioneers in the creation and development of environmentally sound products and processes, Interface® has achieved a zero environmental footprint by 2020.

Carpet by Bentley Mills

Industry leaders in carpet manufacturing, Bentley Mills was founded in 1979 and immediately rose to the top. Known for pushing boundaries, Bentley combines innovative design with sustainable style and culture. Committed to forming – and maintaining – long-term relationships, they aim to inspire and add meaning to the lives of their customers. Always at the forefront, Bentley's philosophy embodies luxury, quality and sustainability.